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How often do you buy DEVA products?
 Deva Chocolate and Candy products
Deva Chocolate and Candy products

Deva products 

The long years of tradition of the Deva brand guarantees the fine quality of our chocolate bars, desserts and seasonal products.  Each day we bring to the market filled chocolate bars and jellied candies which please our customers with their delightful taste.

Bon Ami jelly products

Bon Ami products

You certainly know our jelly desserts under the BonAmi brand. The jellies are formed into half-moons, hearts or other interesting shapes. You can also refresh yourself with our jelly deserts.

Deva and Chososuc partner contacts


If you have any questions at anything related to our products or our company, do not hesitate and contact us. We will, upon request, send you further information, or, if you're interested in cooperating with us, please contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss a future cooperation.

Welcome to DEVA-SK.EU

Our company is a well-known Slovak maker of chocolate products which does not use any glazes or any chocolate substitutes during the production of its exceptionally delicious products. Only high quality ingredients, such as genuine chocolate with 100% cocoa butter, natural colourings and exclusive fruit bases, are used to make our products.

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