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Our company ChocoSuc Partner s.r.o. offers great possibilities of manufacturing facilities and huge capacities focused on clients´ demands and specific needs  in the field of private label business.

Given the long manufacturing tradition with more than 50 years of experiences for chocolate and sugar based products we are proud to offer our strengths and advantages  predisposing us to be an appropriate outsourcing partner and solution provider. We can provide a high quality solution that will fit your business needs and your customer´s tastes.

We offer:
  • know-how in chocolate and sugar
  • flexibility of low production runs
  • premium raw-materials
  • skilled work force with advantageous labour costs
  • effective technology
  • high safety and hygiene standards

Our production facilities enable to produce large variety of chocolate, pralines, dragees, marzipan, jelly and sugar products. Our common technologies comprise chocolate moulding, starch moulding, extruding, coating, enrobing or hand painting.

We cooperate closely with our private label partners to design custom foil and packaging that reflect their company´s personality and needs.

We are fully open to any specific product requirements related to product development and high quality luxurious packaging.

We would be pleased to discuss possibility of our future cooperation to find the proper solution to create a unique product designed specifically for you.
If you have any questions concerning our products or our company, please contact us. We will, upon request, send you further information, or, if you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss the  future cooperation.
ChocoSuc Partner, s.r.o.
Cukrovarská  502,   075 01  Trebišov,  Slovak republic
Tel.: +421 (0) 56 668 15 70, Fax: +421 (0) 56 672 50 83