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ChocoSuc Partner s.r.o.,  Cukrovarská  no. 502,  075 01 Trebišov,
Slovak Republic, produces under the brand names DEVA and BON AMI

We produce chocolate and non-chocolate sweets with more than fifty years of tradition behind us. Each day we bring you a wide selection of candy products which represent
Deva - Quality - Tradition - Excellent Taste

The DEVA brand represents more than 50 years of tradition of producing chocolate and non-chocolate confections for the Slovak market.

Deva - picture of the girl from the old Deva Logo          The DEVA brand originated in 1951 with the opening of a new production plant in Trebišov. At the start, hand-crafted, traditional candy making prevailed at the plant on machinery brought in from Bohemia.  The company's well-known logo—a girl with a scarf on her head—also originated at this time.  This logo is still in use, and for an entire generation of our customers, it remains a symbol and a reminder of outstanding and traditional products which are exported all over the world. In the 1970s and 1980s, the DEVA plant was significantly modernized.  New production lines were added for the production of hard candies and jelly products.  The production of chocolates and chocolate candies was expanded into fully automatized production lines for the molding of our products. The original hand-crafted production was replaced by machines, a fact  that is reflected in the quality of the products and the satisfaction of consumers.  The Trebišov Christmas collection, sweets and desserts became well-known favorites not only in Slovakia but also abroad.  The firm began to successfully export its products to the USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and even consumers in Australia began to enjoy our fruit jelly candies.  Quality ingredients, traditional recipes, the strict maintenance of production standards and the principles of hygiene and quality have guaranteed the good name of the DEVA brand throughout its entire existence. In terms of volume of production, the DEVA brand became the second largest producer of candies in the Slovak Republic in the mid-1990s.
Deva Logo        A new chapter for the DEVA brand began in September 1999, when the company was purchased by the Belgium firm  N.V.  Confiserie  LEONIDAS  S.A. Brussels. The Leonidas S.A. company is a leader on the Belgian market in the production and sale of high-quality chocolate pralines and sweets.  It is known by its high standards of freshness and its unique worldwide quality. The company was founded in 1913 and has long years of experience with the selling of its products around the world. The Leonidas company has  become a source of new processes and goals for the products of the DEVA brand. In the course of just one year it implemented a modernization and reconstruction of the company's plant.  New technologies, quality ingredients, traditional recipes and the strict maintenance of basic production processes have become the fundamental creed of our candy making.  The tradition of Slovak quality of production is now associated with top-notch recipes, quality production and the excellent taste of the products from the leader in Belgium pralines. Slovak diligence and love towards work is joined with a higher European quality and reliability.
ChocoSuc Partner, s.r.o.
Cukrovarská  502,   075 01  Trebišov,  Slovak republic
Tel.: +421 (0) 56 668 15 70, Fax: +421 (0) 56 672 50 83